Friday, January 2, 2015

A nifty XML, text editor - foxe

Foxe is an editor, which can parse and display XML, text files. 100 MB XML file can be displayed with proper syntax highlighting in couple of seconds. It can indent huge XML files in seconds (press F8). It has editable and customizable tree view. Additional features likes, Microsoft global IME, show XML path, text encoding selection and conversion.

Opening sample XML with foxe:-

Customizable tree view:-

If you want to get any character into your document and you don't know how to type it, just type the Unicode code point number and right-click Convert Char Ref:-

Select a character, right click and select 'Char Unicode' to display Unicode.


I recommend to use foxe editor as default text, XML, WSDL and SOAP editor. It will help in debugging, not well formed XML’s, indent XML, count occurrence of elements, properly view and edit special characters and view files in different character encodings.

Disclaimer: This information is posted as recommendation to use foxe editor. I am not associated with firstobject. Foxe is free, please find licensing terms here, bottom of page.